Twitterrific for Mac

Twitterrific for Mac

Twitterrific is also available for iPad and iPhone


Is Twitterrific free or paid?

Twitterrific is completely free to use with a single Twitter account. The application displays an advertisement from The Deck at the top of the timeline that highlights products and services you might be interested in. If you find the ads distracting or otherwise objectionable, you can purchase a license for Twitterrific that removes them. Purchasing also enables multiple accounts/windows.

Users who purchase Twitterrific for Mac from the Mac App Store already own these features and do not need to purchase a license.

Can I upgrade from version 3?

Yes, owners of Twitterrific for Mac version 3 (including the Macheist Nano Bundle) are eligible for a discounted upgrade to version 4. In addition, if you purchased Twitterrific 3 after November 1st, 2010 you are eligible for a free upgrade to 4.

You'll need your name and Twitterrific 3 serial number (or Macheist Nano number) to process the upgrade. You can find out your previous serial number as well as your purchase date using our Registration Lookup page. Once you have all of your information in hand, visit the Iconfactory to process your upgrade.

Can I purchase Twitterrific from the Mac App Store?

Yes, Twitterrific is available from Apple's Mac App Store here. Keep in mind that if you purchased Twitterrific from the Iconfactory website, there's no way to convert or upgrade to a Mac App Store purchase. You will get auto-updates after you purchase from the Mac App Store. To re-enable the “Purchase” button in the Mac App Store, just drag the app to the trash and empty your trash.

What are the system requirements to run Twitterrific for Mac?

An Intel Macintosh running Mac OS X 10.6 and a Twitter account. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for free at

Is Twitterrific available for other platforms?

Yes, Twitterrific is currently available for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. We have no plans to bring Twitterrific to other platforms such as Windows or Android at this time.

What are some of the major new features of Twitterrific 4?

There are so many great features of Twitterrific 4 it's hard to list them all. The application has been designed to be the simplest, easiest to use Twitter client available anywhere. Twitterrific for Mac now supports official re-tweets, conversations, URL shortening, image uploading, viewing of lists, searches, Instapaper, multiple accounts/windows (paid version), theme control and much more. Be sure to check out the version history page for a complete list of what's new.

Why am I sent to an authentication webpage when adding a new Twitter account in Twitterrific?

Twitter recently changed their authentication requirements for third-party applications that access direct messages. In order for Twitterrific to send and receive DMs, Twitter requires that you approve access for the app using their OAuth webpage. Once you allow access there, you'll be taken back to Twitterrific.

Does Twitterrific support location-based trends?

No, Twitterrific currently only supports global trending topics.

Does Twitterrific support live streaming of tweets?

No, but you can set the app to auto-update at regular intervals via the preferences panel.

Are Emoji supported?

No. The iPhone and iPad platforms have built-in Emoji support, Mac OS X does not.

Does Twitterrific support Applescript?

No, not at this time.

How To

How do I sync my timeline on Twitterrific across different platforms?

Twitterrific uses the Tweet Marker API to sync your timeline position. Whenever you switch away from viewing your timeline - such as when you change focus to a different app, switch to a different timeline, or quit Twitterrific - Twitterrific will mark the topmost visible tweet as your current position and send that position to the Tweet Marker server. Next time you launch or bring Twitterrific into focus on any platform, the app will restore your saved position from the Tweet Marker server.

To make use of timeline syncing, open Twitterrific's preferences by going to Twitterrific > Preferences in the menu bar (on Mac OS X) or to Twitterrific's settings in your Settings app (on iOS). Change the Tweet Marker setting to either "Show Marker" or "Scroll to Marker".

The "Show Marker" setting will place a purple ribbon marker on the tweet that was saved as your current position, but will not change your timeline position.

The "Scroll to Marker" setting will place the marker and also automatically scroll your timeline to that position. This setting is recommended so you don't have to manually scroll and look for your synced position.

How do I add multiple accounts?

Press ⌘, to open the preferences panel and then click the Accounts panel to open it. Press the + button to add a new account and then enter your Twitter account info. You'll be taken to Twitter's OAuth webpage to grant Twitterrific permission to access your direct messages. Once you do that, you'll automatically be returned to Twitterrific. You can re-order the accounts by promoting one account up in the list using the ↑ button at the bottom of the account pane.

How do I view multiple accounts at the same time?

Once you've added more than one account via the Preferences panel, press ⌘T to open a new timeline window. You can then select the account you'd like to use for that window via the account pull down icon in the upper left. You can open a new window for each of the accounts you have entered into Twitterrific.

How do I customize the application's toolbar?

Select 'Customize Toolbar...' from the Window menu in the menubar, or right-click on the toolbar itself for customization options including 'Icon and Text', 'Icon Only', 'Text Only' and to use smaller size text and icons. You can also select 'Customize Toolbar' to manually edit the contents of the toolbar to your liking or to restore it to its default condition. If you prefer to run Twitterrific with no toolbar, select 'Toggle Toolbar' from the Window menu to turn the toolbar completely on or off.

How do I set up and use Instapaper or Read It Later?

Press ⌘, to open the preferences panel and then click the Services tab. Choose either Instapaper or Read It Later for your Bookmarking option, then enter the email address you use with the service and close the preferences. Now when you right-click a link in the timeline you can send that URL to your bookmarking service quickly and easily.

How do I change themes?

Press ⌘, to open the preferences panel and then click the General tab. Select the theme you would like to use from the Appearance selection menu to see the results in real time on the desktop.

How do I view a conversation?

Double-click a tweet that contains the 'in reply to' meta text, or click on it once and then either press ⇧⌘C or ← or click Actions (gear icon) > Show Conversation.

How do I re-tweet?

Select the tweet you are interested in and then click the reply arrow icon for reply actions. Next, simply select “Retweet” for a new style retweet or “Retweet with Comment” for the older style RT. If you use the old style you can edit or append comments at will and send it when ready.

How do I view my own tweets?

Click the user icon in the upper right and then click recent tweets.

How do I change the media upload service?

Press ⌘, to open the preferences panel and then click the Services tab. Select the media service you like best.

How do I edit my Twitter lists?

Currently, you can only view your lists. To edit them, you'll need to log into

Does Twitterific reply to all?

Yes, when you tap the reply icon the application replies to all consecutive usernames that come at the start of the tweet.

Can I modify my avatar through Twitterrific?

No, you'll need to visit to to modify your avatar or your user profile.

How do I send a direct message?

Select a tweet from a user you want to direct message and hit the reply arrow or simply press ⌘D on the keyboard. If you know the username of the person you want to message click the compose icon (⌘N) and type “d ”. There should be a space after the “d”.

How do I copy the text or URLs from tweets?

First select the tweet in the timeline you're interested in. Next, click and drag to select the text you want to copy. You can also double click a word to select it or press ⌘A to select all of the text in a tweet. Lastly, press ⌘C to copy the selected text.

Can I view the public timeline?

No, Twitterrific does not support viewing of the public timeline.

Can I delete a tweet?

You cannot delete other people's tweets, only your own. To delete one of your own tweets select it and then tap the gear icon for Actions > Delete Tweet.

How do I delete my timeline?

Delete the account from the preferences panel and re-create it.

How do I delete a saved search?

Right-click (or control-click) on the entry for the saved search in the sidebar list and choose "Delete".

How do I edit my Twitter profile via Twitterrific?

Twitterrific does not currently support editing of your online profile within the application. To do this, please log into your account on on the web.

How do I make my tweets appear as status updates on Facebook?

One way is to enable the Selective Tweets Facebook app on your Facebook account. You can then end any tweet with #fb to make it appear as a Facebook status update. This way, you can choose exactly which tweets will appear on Facebook, and which will not.

What are the keyboard commands for Twitterrific for Mac?

The following list shows keyboard commands that can be used while Twitterrific is active. The most common ones can also be seen from the application's various pull-down menus.

⌘T New Timeline
⇧⌘R Refresh Timeline
⌘J Jump to Next Account
⌘1 All Tweets
⌘2 Mentions
⌘3 Messages
⌘4 Favorites
⌃` Next Timeline
⌘W Close window
⌘N Compose a new tweet
⌘R Reply to the selected tweet (using "@name")
⌘D Send a direct message
⇧⌘F Toggle favorite on/off for the selected tweet
⌥R Retweet the selected tweet
⌥N Retweet with comment
⇧⌘C View conversation
⇧⌘A Replies to this author
⇧⌘T Translate tweet
Open URLs or photos in tweet
⌥→ Open URLs in background
View conversation or replies to author
↓/↑ Scroll through tweets list
Spacebar Select next most recent tweet
⇧Spacebar Select previous tweet
Home, ⌘↑ Scroll to top of timeline
⌘↓ Scroll to bottom of timeline
⌘↩, Enter Send current tweet
Escape Close compose view
⌘, Open preferences
⌘L Toggle the sidebar open/closed
Option Hold down the option key to open web links in the background
Escape Close a popover window
⌃⌘F Toggle full screen mode


My timeline position isn't getting synced - why?

There are several reasons why your timeline position might not get synced:

If Twitterrific has trouble communicating with either the Tweet Marker server or the Twitter server it will be unable to save your timeline position.

If there are too many new tweets when you refresh, then the tweet at your saved position may be too old to show up in your timeline.

Finally, timeline syncing does not work work in lists.

I have 'Keep Timeline Scrolled to Top' turned on in prefs but sometimes it doesn't work. Why?

In order for this setting to work correctly, you must scroll your position to the top of your timeline and keep it there. If you scroll down to look at a previous tweet, the setting will no longer be active.

Twitterrific and Spaces aren't working!

Apple has changed how Spaces operates which causes problems with Twitterrific on the desktop. We're aware of the problems and will be issuing a fix in a future update.

I tried to shorten two URLs at a time, but only one gets shortened. Why?

If you're using as your URL shortening service in Twitterrific's prefs, their API only supports shortening one link at a time. You must shorten them individually or use the setting instead.

Why won't the user name I'm trying to type appear in the autocompletion bar when I'm composing a tweet?

The user name autocompletion feature looks at names you've recently mentioned or received tweets from. If a certain name isn't showing up, it's probably because you haven't received a tweet from them or mentioned them recently.

Why isn't Twitterrific autoupdating anymore? Why has Growl stopped showing my mentions?

If your autoupdate and/or Growl settings are properly set and you're still having problems, it could be becasue you closed your timeline window in Twitterrific. Instead of closing the window by clicking on the red "close" button in the upper-left corner (or by pressing ⌘W), hide Twitterrific by pressing ⌘H. This keeps your timeline active and allows it to continue to automatically update.

Why do I get a 403 error when re-tweeting or deleting a tweet?

This could be due to a few different things: You may be re-tweeting a user whose tweets are protected, or the tweet may already have been deleted, or it may already have been re-tweeted by you. Check your timeline at to see if the appropriate action has been taken on the tweet.

I'm having trouble logging in or authorizing with OAuth. How can I fix it?

There are a few things you can try to fix OAuth problems:

  1. Make sure the time/date and time zone are set correctly on your device. If they're off, OAuth won't let you authorize.
  2. Make sure you don't have multiple copies of Twitterrific on your device. If you have an older copy, delete it. OAuth gets confused when multiple copies exist.
  3. Make sure you're running the latest version. If you are not, delete Twitterrific and download it fresh from the App Store, DON'T re-install it from your copy in iTunes.

I'm trying to reinstall the app from the Mac App Store, but it says it's already installed. What should I do?

If the Mac App Store sees a backup copy of an app anywhere on your system, it may think the app is still installed. Make sure you disconnect any backup drives you have connected to your computer, including any Time Machine backups. Then relaunch the Mac App Store and try again.