Twitterrific has gone to the Great Birdhouse in the Sky

Since 2007, Twitterrific helped define the shape of the Twitter experience. It was the first desktop client, the first mobile client, one of the very first apps in the App Store, an Apple Design award winner, and it even helped redefine the word "tweet" in the dictionary. Ollie, Twitterrific's bluebird mascot, was so popular it even prompted Twitter themselves to later adopt a bluebird logo of their very own. Our little app made a big dent on the world!

As much as it pains us to say it, Twitterrific is no longer available in the App Store. Its sudden and undignified demise is due to an unannounced and undocumented policy change by an increasingly capricious Twitter - a Twitter that we no longer recognize as trustworthy nor want to work with any longer.

While this chapter may have ended, our story is not over. We'll continue improving our other apps, creating new apps, doing amazing design work for our clients, and posting awesome wallpapers to Wallaroo and Patreon.

Hope to see you around!