A simply beautiful way to tweet.

The Twitter app for people who actually use Twitter. Now all-new for macOS.

What's everyone saying?

Ethan Marcotte

“I couldn’t use Twitter without Twitterrific.”

Ethan Marcotte — @beep

John Siracusa

“Twitterrific’s unified timeline matches the way I think about Twitter: a single, chronological stream of tweets, regardless of type. The fact that Twitterrific is also a great Twitter client with all the other features you’d expect—including separate views for mentions, DMs, etc.—is just icing on the cake.”

John Siracusa — @siracusa

Michael Lopp

“A daily corner of my desktop feels revitalized.”

Michael Lopp — @rands

Manuel Alejandro López Zarzosa

“Now I can finally use the best client on all my devices!”

Manuel Alejandro López Zarzosa — @manuelale69

Alex Waddell

“I’ve been an active participant in the Phoenix Kickstarter beta and I’m delighted with the final app. Its elegant features, combined with lot of great UI touches, make Twitter a delight to use on the Mac again.”

Alex Waddell — @alexwaddell

Daniel Jalkut

“It's exciting to see the very first Twitter client being rethought in 2017 as the very newest one.”

Daniel Jalkut — @danielpunkass

Brent Simmons

“I switched immediately. It was like coming home.”

Brent Simmons — @brentsimmons

Seth Roby

“Twitterrific makes Twitter simple, fun, and quick. Thank you for bringing it back to the Mac, where I still spend most of my days.”

Seth Roby — @TALlama

“My favorite Twitter client.”

Robyn Oglesby — MacSources

“Features the same finesse that we’ve seen in Twitterrific for iOS, but at the same time, also leverages all the features offered by macOS.”

Preshit Deorukhkar — Beautiful Pixels

“The Iconfactory has given users a high degree of control over how Twitterrific looks within a clean, easy-to-read design.”

John Voorhees — MacStories

“Packs a ton of features into the new app...fantastic keyboard and accessibility support, delightful sounds, and a few nostalgic Easter eggs from past incarnations.”

Chris De Jabet — Full City Press

“The app delivers a good handful of features Mac users will like.”

Sarah Perez — TechCrunch

“Get excited.”

Lory Gil — iMore

“Finally, a modern desktop Twitter client that not only looks amazing and performs, but offers all the features you would expect. So relieved to have Twitterrific resurrected!”

R.C. Rains — @shadowbottle

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Version History

Plugged another memory leak, added chronological threads, fixed upside-down profile banners, and more.

Twitterrific 5.2.3

January 2018


  • Threads now always display in chronological order for consistency
  • Toggling retweet/like now updates the UI immediately
  • Re-positioned the unread indicator dot after the timestamp (less distracting)
  • Added a Report Abuse option to the Action ⋯ menu
  • Copy-protected Twitter videos open in browser instead of showing static image
  • Clicking a mention/message notification now prefers to reuse an account window rather than opening a new one
  • Added tooltips to tweet buttons and window tabs
  • Improved performance in various places
  • Added keyboard shortcut for switching between Thread/Replies tabs: "Option-Tab"


  • Fixed upside-down user profile banners
  • Fixed a memory leak that manifested when streaming a very busy timeline
  • Fixed an old decoding bug that could cause truncated tweets when translating
  • Fixed issue that prevented the Page Up/Down keys from scrolling the timeline
  • Fixed issue that prevented Translate from appearing in the Action ⋯ menu
  • Fixed issue that prevented Delete/Edit Tweet from appearing in the Action ⋯ menu on your own tweets
  • Fixed issue where the app thought it was still streaming when in fact it had disconnected

Twitterrific 5.2.2

December 2017


  • Muffle rules can now be deactivated without having to delete them
  • Scrolling the timeline with the keyboard now hides the mouse cursor
  • Tweaks to several icons for greater clarity
  • Tweaks to the default themes
  • New avatar shapes in Appearance preferences
  • Better text rendering in popover windows
  • Now I have a hat - ho ho ho


  • Fixed a memory leak causing the app to use much more memory than necessary
  • Fixed an issue causing length-based muffles to incorrectly count characters
  • Fixed issues causing tweets that were both liked and retweeted to display an incorrect state when streaming
  • Retweeting a retweet no longer redundantly changes the label to "by you"
  • Fixed an issue with invisible white space characters causing difficulty when entering registration names and codes
7 improvements, 5 bug fixes

Twitterrific 5.2.1

November 2017


  • Support for sending tweets with up to 280 characters
  • Muffle long tweets:
    • Hide tweets that have more content than you'd like
    • Muffle tweets by character count by simply adding: > 140
    • If you want to muffle multiline tweets, use a rule like: > 3 lines
2 new features

Twitterrific 5.2

November 2017


  • New mini-browser for viewing tweets:
    • Use Action ⋯ menu or Cmd-O to open any tweet
    • Hold down option to open in your desktop browser
    • Great for viewing content not provided via Twitter API (like polls!)
  • Automatic poll detection:
    • New button appears at bottom of tweet if common markers are found
    • Tag a tweet with #poll or use a graph or ballot box Emoji at beginning or end
    • Detach the poll popover to keep tabs on results
  • Added search for users on Twitter:
    • Use People selector on Search view
    • The Cmd-U keyboard shortcut provides quick access
    • Type a name, then click on a result to view a User Profile
  • App automation using a URL Scheme:
    • Communicate with Twitterrific from another app or script
    • Full documentation and sample code available on our support site
    • See: URL Schemes in Twitterrific
    • Fun fact: some of our new features were created using this automation!
  • User Profile now has a Action ⋯ menu to send tweets and messages


  • Enabled the Tab key to move from the search field to the list of saved searches
  • Improved timeline scrolling performance
  • Text input in Japanese, Chinese & Korean works better with autocompletion for screen names and hashtags
  • Searches and Lists are now saved when closed and restored when reopened
  • Simplified Action ⋯ menu by removing items that are not applicable
  • Links in tweets now show a tooltip for the expanded URL (instead of t.co)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for Jump to Marker, Jump to Last Unread, and Mark Timeline As Read
  • Replies in discussion timelines are now sorted with most popular at top
  • Tweets that appear to be at the start of a thread get a button to open the Discussion view


  • Copying a link from within a tweet using the right-click menu now copies the expanded URL rather than the t.co link
  • Sharing a link from within a tweet using the right-click menu now sends the correct URL instead of truncated display text
  • Sharing a tweet from the Action ⋯ menu only sends the URL of the tweet to the share service
  • Fixed a bug where opening the first link in a tweet with the menu shortcut or the right arrow key wouldn’t work correctly for retweets
  • Fixed a crash on macOS 10.11 when opening a direct message thread
  • Fixed ssome sspelling problemss in menu itemss
  • Fixed a problem with replies not being displayed correctly after you followed someone
  • Fixed a bug causing the target tweet to disappear when viewing replies
  • Fixed an issue displaying names that included unusual characters
  • Fixed several issues preventing reading positions from restoring properly
  • Fixed Back keyboard shortcut (Cmd-B) when viewing User Profile
5 new features, 9 improvements, 11 bug fixes

Twitterrific 5.1

October 2017


  • Muffle and Mutes:
    • Select a tweet then "Muffle Tweet" in the ⋯ Action menu to create one
    • Any selected text in the tweet appears as a choice in the menu
    • Twitter clients can be muffled by selecting the "via" item in the menu
    • Use the Muffles panel in Preferences to manage your muffle and mutes
    • Changes are automatically synced between macOS and iOS
  • Automatic scrolling:
    • In General preferences, select "Keep timeline pinned to top"
    • Scroll a timeline to the newest tweet at the top
    • Any new tweets will then automatically scroll into view
  • Status indicators for new mentions or messages:
    • A dot is displayed in the menu bar icon
    • A badge is displayed on the Dock icon
    • System Preferences > Notifications can be used to turn off Dock badge
  • Say Hello to The Blue Devil!
    • You get a special prize if you're patient while the credits scroll
    • Your prize will also appear in Advanced preferences
    • Thanks again to our Kickstarter backers


  • Right-click on Direct Message thread to mark as read or delete
  • Optimized timeline scrolling and update performance
  • Selected text in a tweet will no longer be deselected after the timeline refreshes
  • Improved image caching for better display performance and memory usage
  • Added a new, smaller text size setting called "Miniature"
  • Added new, lighter display fonts: "System Light" and "Avenir Light"
  • Lovers of the best text editor rejoice: HJKL keys navigate timeline
  • Media viewer saves with unique image names (like screen shots)
  • Use Option-1 to 9 for switching account of the selected Timeline
  • Hover over timestamp for a tooltip showing the app used to post
  • Updated several icons throughout the app for greater clarity
  • The text entry for long direct messages will now scroll as needed
  • The ⋯ Action menu displays keyboard shortcuts for reference
  • Added more common functions to the tweet's ⋯ Action menu
  • Relative timestamps on tweets now update continuously
  • Added "Jump To Marker" and "Jump To Last Unread" to the Timeline menu


  • Changing appearance settings now updates the message threads correctly
  • Fixed an issue that could cause tweets to flicker
  • The thread indicator on the tweet no longer disappears when you retweet
  • Fixed issues preventing the timeline from updating immediately when muffle rules were added or removed
  • Links to Vimeo are now directed to the browser instead of a static image in the media viewer
4 new features, 16 improvements, 5 bug fixes

Twitterrific 5.0.1

October 2017


  • New app icon - slightly smaller to match other Utility icons, such as Safari and Launch Pad
  • Text rendering now looks much better on High Sierra
  • Improved syncing of account information when application becomes active
  • CMD-Up and CMD-Down arrow now navigate to the top and bottom of a timeline
  • Updated divider between tweets to match iOS app


  • Fixed layout issue causing text clipping on quoted tweets in wider windows
  • Fixed action graphics with jaggy edges even though it brought back fond memories of 1997
  • Fixed problems with back button keyboard equivalent
  • Fixed some Human Interface Guideline problems in Preferences
  • Fixed a bug that allowed a tweet with nothing but spaces to be posted (and generate an error)
  • Fixed a crash that occur during tweet translation
  • Fixed the back button's VoiceOver label
  • Fixed VoiceOver label for the "Clear Search" button
  • Updated sandbox entitlements by removing unneeded items
5 improvements, 6 bug fixes

Twitterrific 5.0

October 2017

Initial Release