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What's New in 6.0

We've packed a ton of great new stuff into Twitterrific including GIPHY integration, displaying full, auto-playing media right in the timeline, new icons and themes, an improved attachment preview and so much more!


  • Video and GIFs silently autoplay directly in your timelines and message threads!
    • Videos with an audio track show a speaker icon to avoid any loud surprises
    • Autoplaying of videos and GIFs can be disabled in Settings
  • View full images right in your timeline!
    • Tweets or direct messages with an image attachment will display the thumbnail at the photo's native aspect ratio
    • Tweets with two or more images use adjusted aspect ratios and face-detection to avoid taking up as much space
  • GIPHY Integration!
    • Tap the GIF button when composing a tweet or direct message to find just the right snarky animation
    • Refine your search with the built-in Reactions, Memes, or Swear Trek filters
  • Support for Twitter's new quoted tweets with media:
    • When quoting another tweet, you can attach photos, a video, or an animated GIF
    • The timeline displays both the media you attached and your quoted tweet
  • View media and add descriptions using the new attachment preview
    • Tap the small thumbnail of attached media to get a better, bigger look
    • Easily add accessibility descriptions to all images, videos and GIFs
    • Swipe between multiple photos to quickly add descriptions to each one
  • More customization goodies!
    • Three new playful app icons: Crow, Dove, Neon
    • Five new colorful themes: Dove, Akikiki , Puffin, Falcon, Parakeet
    • 12 fun new "Olliemoji" stickers added to the bundled iMessage sticker pack
    • A new font: San Francisco Compact Rounded ('SF Rounded')
    • A new Presentation setting to show tweet author's full name, username or both
    • A new High Contrast Text presentation option
    • Two smaller line spacing steps for tighter text
  • Help fund continued development of Twitterrific:
    • No features are locked or restricted - try everything without paying anything
    • Eliminate banner ads and subscription reminders by signing up for a monthly or yearly subscription
    • Don't enjoy subscriptions? Purchase the one-time "Forever" option instead
    • Twitterrific 5 customers get full benefits for up to 6 months from their last purchase date
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  • Refreshed glyphs, font weights and colors app-wide
  • Videos without audio no longer duck audio from other apps
  • New "Audio and Video" settings category for autoplay and sound effects
  • Twitterrific ignores the mute switch when playing audio (what most people want)
  • Added support for the Brave web browser
  • VoiceOver indicates the type of media and number of photos attached to a tweet
  • Headings, tab bar buttons, and toggles are marked as such for VoiceOver
  • VoiceOver magic tap on the main timeline opens compose
  • Added the VoiceOver escape gesture to all popups
  • Added animation with compose sub-panels open/close
  • Changed the default app icon - the previous icon is an option in the theme panel
  • Popup views on iPad make better use of the available screen space
  • Selecting a tweet no longer unexpectedly scrolls the timeline
  • Clearing the search filter no longer loses your place in the timeline
  • Long press the "Follow" button on a profile to follow with a different account
  • Long-pressing a user in compose's user search no longer dismisses the view
  • Clear buttons on search fields only appear when needed
  • Increased the maximum number of tweets per timeline
  • Replies to a tweet are sorted by date instead of by engagement
  • All panels and popups have rounded corners
  • Private lists have a new icon in the sidebar
  • The Twitterrific banner ad uses your current app icon
  • Improved tap area of the location badge on tweets with an attached location


  • Timelines never refresh if the “Automatically Refresh Timelines” setting is off
  • Fixed an issue where some quoted tweets wouldn't show their quoted URLs
  • Fixed some Twitter URLs from being incorrectly identified as a link to a user
  • Fixed Center Stage and DM layout issues on devices without home buttons
  • Fixed problems preventing the "Open User Page" profile action from working
  • Fixed a bug that would break user and hashtag autocomplete when swapping accounts while composing a tweet
  • The "Profile Photo" avatar shortcut (long press) now opens the image in app
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the banner ad to be blank
  • Loading reply chains no longer leaves a zombie timeline open in memory
  • Fixed animation issues while dismissing compose's autosuggestion bar
  • Profile action popups appear in the correct location on iPad
  • Accessibility descriptions are properly attached to videos or GIFs when posting
  • Fixed compose view layout problems after rotating and dismissing the keyboard
  • Fixed a bug that could cause crashes at launch and when switching accounts
  • Timelines won't loop forever trying to fill a gap that could never be filled
  • Timelines no longer unceremoniously stop scrolling when decelerating
  • Timelines can update in the background while being filtered by a search query
  • Fixed timeline position issues when clearing the cache or adding a new account
  • Fixed display issues with the alt app icons while scrolling the Appearance Panel
  • Fixed a problem causing the timeline loading indicator to flicker
  • Fixed several issues that caused crashes when clearing the cache
  • The keyboard no longer appears while viewing drafts
  • Trends are now correctly sorted by popularity
  • Removed old and obsolete code


  • Requires iOS 11.2+
  • Upgrading from a prior version may result in previously read messages and tweets being marked as unread
  • Added iCloud Drive to enable support for customizing themes (experimental, undocumented and unsupported - but if you peek in the folder, you might find some tips for getting started)
  • Removed support for Tweet Marker since the service is shutting down